Mawaru Penguindrum 19

Everyone else is throwing out theories so I suppose I’ll throw out mine. If I’m getting this right Shoma saved Himari just like Momoka saved Tabuki. So that would mean that Momoka and Shoma have some kind of relation to eachother. Think back to a few episodes ago on the subway train when Ringo, Shoma and the Princees of the Crystal were talking about 1995. Ringo said that her sister died on the same day she was born. Shoma also said that he and Kanba were born on the same day. Over time in the series we have heard from Ringo that she believes she is the incarnation of Momoka because Momoka died the day she was born. Now think about it again Shoma saved Himari as I said before I also said Momoka saved Tabuki. It would make more sense if instead of Ringo being Momoka’s incarnation, Shoma is her incarnation. That’s just my theory I have no idea if it’s true or not.